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The artists:


Anna is a writer and a painter (with some dabbling in studio art too). She loves a good cup of French press coffee and a dark glass of red wine. She is married to a Marine-turned-Coder and a mother of her baby girl, Lily. Anna was with us for seasons 1-3.

Anna's farewell note: 

Dear Coffee & Creatives Listeners, 

Thank you so much fo listening and following along. As most  of you know I have been a part of this podcast for three seasons! I have learned, laughed--drank WAYYY too much coffee--and overall grown in my creative approach. 

As much as I love Coffee & Creatives and being a part of this community, I have found myself entering a new season of life. I realized that it was time for me to hang up my headphones and turn off my mic. While this new season is bringing some exciting opportunities, I knew I wouldn't be able to make the most of them while experiencing creative burnout from doing too much and over-committing (did I mention I'm "a 7"?).

It has been amazing being part of Coffee & Creatives and to learn and grow with all of you! I hope you all continue to tune in for Season 4 and continue to learn and grow with the community here!

Love and Farewell for now!


Anna photo Coffee and Creatives.jpg
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