The theme for our exhibition is "All the World's Your Canvas." This includes any artwork revolving around the themes of exploration, whether that be through identity, travel, nature, etc. 

Submitting artwork 

  • Submit up to 3 artworks; artwork must be from no earlier than 2018. 

  • All images or videos must be clearly titled with the NAME OF THE ARTIST / TITLE / YEAR OF COMPLETION / MEDIUM OR TYPE OF ART. Images must be cropped to include only the artwork. 

  • Include your website, social media handle, an artist statement, and an artist bio along with your submission.

  • Eligibility: submissions are open for artists of all ages and backgrounds around the world working in any medium or any art area (including visual, written, and musical artworks).

  • There is a submission fee of $10 per artist*. 

  • Deadline: January 14, 2021.

Exhibition Details

  • The full online exhibition will be published on our website, while a small exhibition (including only the artist name, artwork title, artwork file, and artist instagram handle) will be published on our instagram story. 

  • The exhibition will be published on January 21, 2021.

*Please not that there is a $10 submission fee, which supports Coffee and Creatives as an independent podcast and blog. Coffee and Creatives is a podcast and blog collaboration between Noelle McManus, Anna Wayne, Rebeccah McCauley, and Christina Nichols. We are all work various jobs, running this podcast and blog alongside our other work. As such, we truly understand the barrier submission fees can create, while also valuing the time and effort that goes into creative work and all the behind-the scenes administrative work of supporting artists. 

In order to break down this barrier while also valuing our own time, this is sliding fee scale opportunity with a suggested fee of $10 to support the work that we do, but with the opportunity to apply for as low as $8 if you are unable to pay the suggested fee.