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Nate Hutchings

Original Song Winner
Artist Statement​

Writing songs helps me to process my experiences. Pain, loss, love, regret,  hope, and all sorts of other emotions find their way into my lyrics, and when I’m  especially productive, those lyrics become finished songs. Something about the  poetry of lyrics combined with the often raw emotion of singing doesn't just help  me to express the things I feel in response to the heavy moments in my life - in  fact, it sometimes helps me to understand them. While many of my songs are  specific to my own thoughts and events in my own life, I hope that those who  listen will also find an echo of the meaningful moments in their own lives.

Artist Biography 

Nate Hutchings is an Army brat, a preacher’s kid, an honorary uncle to his  friends’ kids, and an avid Spider-Man fan. Due to his father's military career, Nate has  lived in a multitude of places across the United States, and in that respect, much of his  life has been a search for home. He found that home when he transferred to Frostburg  State University in the fall of 2013, and he has remained in western Maryland since  graduating in 2016. An artist from a young age (his parents preserved at least one  drawing he created when he was two years old), he has dabbled in a variety of media.  He loves to draw, to write songs, and (when he gets the opportunity) to act. Nate  spends the most time on music, having been a member of several groups - electronic  pop duo Sailboat Mechanic, alternative rock band Jonah Day, and (currently) acoustic  folk trio Church Folk. Through music (and various and sundry other art forms), Nate  explores himself, his relationships to others, and the highs and lows of being a person.  He hopes his art will give others an outlet to explore these things along with him. 


Performing with Nate Hutchings are the other members of the band Church Folk, Seth and Katie Wilson.

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