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Rebecca Butler

Mixed Media Winner
Artist Statement​

I have always loved creating, it’s how I create order in the chaos. Through creating, I am able to express my love and care for many things, but especially animals. As a pet portrait artist, I find great joy in connecting with the animals I depict.  And I needed an excuse to stare at dogs all day without it getting weird.

Artist Biography 

As a child, I loved animals and crafts. I’ve always been involved in the arts. In high school and college, I mainly expressed myself creatively though theater. When I attended graduate school in Europe, I wasn’t able to create in the same way. Now that I’ve been in the professional world for I while now, I’ve found I missed that creative outlet. The thing that brings me the most joy are the animals in my life, but I wasn’t always able to have them by my side. I started painting so I’d always be surrounded by reminders of pure happiness and unconditional love.

Happy Face
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