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Rebecca Minter

Poetry Winner
Artist Statement​

I create for my sanity. When I discovered that writing – poetry, prose, stream-of-consciousness journaling - literally felt like a huge exhale, I realized I needed to keep tapping into that. I’ve battled anxiety and depression for a long time and writing poetry somehow manages to express the emotion coming out of that better than anything else. In addition to writing, I enjoy cross-stitching, baking, and creating with my kids. When I slack off from creating day-to-day, I feel a physiological emptiness and inner turmoil that I used to suppress or distract myself from; I now recognize it immediately and try to take steps to remedy this with art. It seems that making anything is good for my soul and I best keep at it!

Artist Biography 

I began to collect journals as a preteen. I wasn’t always super consistent with writing in them, but even back then there was a part of me that began to realize what writing did for me. I also did some cross-stitching in middle school and I remember really liking it. It’s been a long and windy road – in which I have loved and then neglected many a journal or blog – but, in 2020, I was finally reconnected with this life-giving practice of creating when I went through with Coffee & Creatives. I still struggle with consistently including a rhythm of creativity in my daily life, but every day I get a little better at it.


A deep waterfall
Raising girls into women
Strong. Fierce. Gentle. Loves.


And so we are tossed
On the gale of transition
Spring will come again

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