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We are  a community of artists, working to cultivate our creative endeavours and share that art with the world, all while savoring as much espresso as we can in the process.

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"Creativity is the only cure for criticism"

— Julia Cameron

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What Listeners Think

What Listeners Think

“Coffee and Creatives has deep, insightful, important things to say about art and the creative process, while also managing not to take itself too seriously. The women on this podcast, each a true artist in her own right, have encouraged me to think more deeply about my own creativity. With every episode, I expect to be challenged, and I also expect to have a great time. I haven’t been disappointed yet.” -- Nate Hutchings

“I am a writer striving to create and get published. Coffee and Creatives has helped me keep trying. I recommend Coffee and Creatives for beginners, the discouraged, and the unsupported. Coffee and Creatives has helped me with motivation to create, ideas of how to commit dedicated time, prompts and inspiration, and, most of all, a lovely community that leads the way and cheers on my efforts.” -- Barbara Pruitt

“Coffee and Creatives was hands-down my favorite new podcast of 2020! I 100% credit them to helping me rediscover my own creativity and that helped me tremendously through a tough year. I love the chemistry that these four ladies have - listening to them is like sitting in a room with good friends. They are fun and funny, insightful and inspirational. Looking forward to the next season with great anticipation!” -- Rebecca Minter

Season 4 is currently airing. Make sure you catch the latest episode each Wednesday!

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Misty Slopes

Are you a blocked creative?

You have found the right space.

"Most blocked creatives have an active addiction to anxiety. We prefer the low-grade pain and occasional heart-stopping panic attack to the drudgery of small and simple daily steps in the right direction."

- Julia Cameron in The Artist's Way, p. 143

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