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9 Petty Problems I have with Creatives

This post comes after a very difficult couple of weeks in America. If you’re looking here for an extensive political commentary, you’re not going to get it. What happened at the Capitol was wrong. It disrespected the people that work hard for our country (whether I agree with them politically or not, they do serve all of us) and it disrespected a work of art. The building itself is a beautiful example of art meeting function in the form of architecture. Nothing more needs to be said in this forum except whatever you’re feeling, make it art and make the world better. Change the world with your voice, your art, your writing, your painting.

To help bring some laughter into this dark place, I’ve put together this blogpost to hopefully make you laugh. This post is going to get petty… really petty. Enjoy!

  1. It really bothers me when artist’s talk badly about their art. First of all, because it seems disingenuous. It’s like when the most beautiful girl you know says, “Oh my gosh, I look so terrible today,” and she looks like a supermodel. She knows she looks good. She just wants you to say that she looks good. It’s not a classy look. Also, if you think that your work isn’t good… then why are you showing it? Burn it like the rest of us weirdo.

  2. It really bothers me when artists talk poorly about other artists. We need to stick together! Support each other. There are plenty of people out there telling the creatives in your life all the reasons that what they’re doing sucks and is stupid. We don’t need to do that for each other. Especially, did you hear about that one artist who was doing that on instagram live yesterday? I can’t believe her.

  3. It bothers me when people say their kid is an artist. Yes, I actually do believe all of us are artists of some sort, and yes I totally believe in the Pablo Picasso quote about how all children are artists. Why does it bother me? I don’t know. Nobody goes up to pilots and tells them that their kid is an airplane pilot? Okay yes flying an airplane is not for everyone while creativity (I believe is)... still though

  4. It really bothers me when people say their artist but put no time into their craft. Again, I’m a big believer in everyone’s an artist in some way (in the best versions of ourselves), but if you’re making it in the art world you should be caring about the craft of your art not just the marketing of it. Just like a doctor should be in constant pursuit of learning more and more about the human body, we artists should be pursuing our craft. So this one might stem from jealousy. I want to be lazy! Why do they get to be lazy and not me?

  5. It really bothers me when people correct my pronunciation of Van Gogh. I know I’m not saying it correctly. I also know I’m not going to say it correctly if I try. So I’m not going to try okay? Van-goff? Van-goe? Van-gatqpworfhedskjadfb?

  6. People who say, “I only like art from 100 years ago, the modern art doesn’t make any sense”. Get over yourself. This translates to, “I don’t like abstraction because I can’t understand it.” Okay, there are a lot of great modern artists who don’t do the abstraction thing. You can find them. They’re out there. It’s worth it. Trust me. Also, spending time pouring into abstract art and looking at the artist’s process can be really interesting.

  7. People who say their artists or musicians or poets or photographers but don’t seem to enjoy art of that genre or any genre! How? Why??

  8. Duchamp.

  9. Art museums gift shops. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore museum gift shops (Sorry Banksy). I think they’re the best thing and my favorite place to shop. They annoy me that have such amazing gifts and products that I can’t find anywhere else!

What’re some pet peeves you have as a creative? Let us know in the comments below!


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